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Our Network – The ProPlay® Network consists of both broadcast radio internet streams and internet-only Pureplay webcasters. Our network includes over 1,100 broadcast radio streams including many of the biggest station groups with radio stations in the biggest U.S. markets.

Platforms – We reach all types of connected devices – desktops, mobile apps, mobile browsers and other devices such as Sonos and Roku.

Targeting - We provide the following targeting options:

  • by Format/Genre e.g. CHR/Top 40, Rock, Blues, Country, Urban, Hip-Hop, Adult Contemporary, Electronica, Alternative, etc.
  • by Location – National U.S. or by City (geo-targeting), non-U.S. Countries (coming soon).
  • by Date – Specific Start and End date.

Reporting – Detailed daily reports are provided showing the number of airings, location, station, and date/time of airing.

Using ProPlay®

We offer two types of accounts for recording artists. The first is for an individual artist. We also offer a Master Account for record labels and management companies to add and manage multiple artists from one dashboard.

Create Account – Once your account is created, simply upload your song mp3 file and CD artwork and you're ready to create your first campaign.

Create Campaign – With just a few clicks you will be able to create your campaign by selecting the following:


  • The song you want to promote from your library.
  • The format that most closely matches your style.
  • Where you want it to be heard (National U.S. or in one or more select markets, or specific non-U.S. Country).
  • When you want it to start and end.
  • The script our announcer reads to introduce your song including any promotional options.
  • The number of song airings: you will be offered different sized packages to choose from.

After you submit your campaign, our experts review your song, produce the voice over with a Pro-DJ from your genre who introduces your song, and then sends it to our queue to begin distribution based on your start date.

Our song delivery system is connected to all of our audio publishers simultaneously and will insert your song into each individual listener’s media player based on the next available position within the network and your campaign criteria. Every time your song is played we record that as an “impression” and include this and additional valuable data in your report.

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