Step 1: Upload Your Song

Simply create a new login account and follow our easy step-by-step guide for uploading your song, CD artwork, and website or "buy download" page.

Step 2: Create Your Campaign

Here you can select the Song you want to promote and your targeted genre like Rock, Blues, Country, Alternative, Top 40, Urban and more. Select your package, tell us when you want to start and click go!

Step 3: Go Live & Get Heard!

Your song will be reviewed and when approve will be inserted into the live music streams of listeners who are already fans of your genre - plus a professional announcer will introduce your song and promote your website!

ProPlay is connected to many of the top, most popular Pureplay and Broadcast Music Streaming Providers with thousands of affiliates and over 100 million listeners combined in the U.S. and Worldwide.

The #1 Goal of any Recording Artist is to get their music heard: we deliver that goal. Get YOUR music heard NOW and get MORE FANS.

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